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Alkalized Paradise P9+ Water

5 Gallon P9+ Monthly: $14.95
Auto Pay: $14.45
Annual Contract: $13.95

Available in
5 Gallon
3 Gallon
1/2 Liter

Paradise Drinking Water's Spring Water

5 Gallon Spring Monthly: $9.95
Auto Pay: $9.45
Annual Contract: $8.95

Available in
5 Gallon
3 Gallon
1L & 1/2L

Paradise Drinking Water's Purified Water

5 Gallon Purified Monthly: $8.95
Auto Pay: $8.45
Annual Contract:: $7.95

Alkalized Bottled Water Delivery: the Best Value in Rossmoor, CA

At Paradise Drinking Water, we're committed to providing our Rossmoor bottled water delivery customers with the highest quality drinking water at the best value. That's why when we found out about the incredible, revolutionary Paradise P9+ drinking water, we knew we needed to make it available to our customers. It's the water your body was designed to absorb, with all the natural benefits that are missing from municipal water supplies and many filtered waters. And we offer alkalized bottled water for convenient home and office delivery at the most competitive prices in Rossmoor.

How P9+ Alkalized Water Can Improve Your Health:

  • Hydrates your body on a cellular level
  • Purifies toxic cellular environments
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Helps restore the body to its natural alkaline state

We also offer a selection of other affordable, high quality bottled drinking waters for Rossmoor delivery, including the purest filtered water, and mountain-fresh spring water. You can choose from different bottle sizes and water dispensers, including the spill-proof, splash-proof Watersafe cooler. And you can try any of our drinking waters with our free offer for new customers. For more information, or to arrange your free bottled water delivery in Rossmoor, call Paradise Drinking Water today.

Why Paradise Drinking Water Is Rossmoor's Best Choice for Alkalized P9+ Bottled Water Delivery

We're proud to have received accolades for both our excellent customer service and the superior quality of our water. Here are some additional reasons why we think you'll enjoy our Rossmoor Alkalized Paradise P9+ bottled water delivery service:

  1. P9+ moves your body toward a naturally alkaline state, hydrates it on a cellular level, and purifies it of free radicals. This makes it the healthiest, most scientifically advanced drinking water available.
  2. We deliver alkalized bottled water for the most competitive prices in Rossmoor!
  3. Rossmoor customers can try P9+ water for free, with no commitment required:
    • New Rossmoor office delivery customers get two free 5-gallon bottles, plus a complimentary 4-week cooler rental.
    • New Rossmoor home delivery customers get two free 5-gallon bottles.
  4. All of our water is so pure, it tests under 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS), which means that it is almost 100% H2O. (Average tap water typically contains between 400 and 600 ppm.)
  5. We use the best purifying and bottling equipment available, even when it costs more. And we still offer the most competitive prices for bottled water delivery in Rossmoor.
  6. We offer a selection of quality water dispensers for rent, including the advanced Watersafe cooler, a hygienic, splash-proof, spill-proof system highly recommended by the FDA.
  7. All of our friendly, courteous delivery drivers are reachable by cell phone, so they can be contacted at any time. They also carry purity testers with them on delivery, so you can test the quality of your water for yourself.
  8. While we never require a contract for our bottled water delivery service, we do offer significant discounts to high-volume customers who opt for one.

More than Alkalized: Other Bottled Water Options & Products for Rossmoor, CA

Quality, Affordable Bottled Spring Water for Delivery to Rossmoor, CA

Our bottled spring water starts out as pure melted snow and rainwater on Mount Palomar in northern San Diego County. It then undergoes a natural filtration and mineral absorption process on its way to underground aquifers. Finally, it springs to the surface, where we collect it at the source. The minerals it absorbs give our spring water its naturally great taste, and we bottle this delicious mountain-fresh water for convenient delivery right to your home or office. We not only offer the highest quality spring water for delivery in Rossmoor; we also offer it at the most competitive prices. Call Paradise Drinking Water today and ask about free bottled spring water delivery for new customers in Rossmoor.

Quality, Affordable Bottled Purified Water for Delivery to Rossmoor, CA

Our bottled purified water is filtered through a rigorous, multi-step process that produces close to 100% pure H2O–under 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS). To give you an idea of how pure that is, tap water usually contains between 400 and 600 ppm. Our purified water is not only the highest quality available anywhere, but we offer it for delivery right to your home or office for the best value in Rossmoor. Call Paradise Drinking Water today, and ask about free bottled purified water delivery for new customers in Rossmoor.

Water Cooler Rentals, Rossmoor, CA

In addition to our superior selection of drinking water and our convenient, reliable delivery service, we are proud to offer a selection of bottled water dispensers for rent. Options include the latest and most hygienic electric cooler: the spill-proof, splash-proof Watersafe system, highly recommended by the FDA. We offer Watersafe coolers for rent at very competitive rates, and we also rent hand-painted porcelain crocks with oak stands. To learn more about the convenient, safe, and hygienic Watersafe system, see our Watersafe System page.

We offer free 4-week cooler rentals to all new Rossmoor business customers. We also offer savings to our long-term customers; you'll receive a 30% discount if you pay upfront for a 1 year rental. Call Paradise Drinking Water today to find out more about crock and cooler rentals in Rossmoor.

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Video About Alkalized Water

Paradise Drinking Water's Alkalized Paradise P9+ Water

  • Acidic to Alkaline
  • Free Radicals to Antioxidant
  • Dehydrated to Hydrated
  • A Toxic Cellular Environment to Purified
  • Lower Vibration to Higher Vibration
  • Unhealthy to Healthy!


I think this is honestly the best water company in Orange County. I needed some water filled up for some family coming into town from New York City. The owners son came at 8 30 pm on a Friday night to make sure I had what I had asked for. Very impressed! They have my business for life. That one simple act spoke volumes on the way they handle customer service and how they go above and beyond. Sara and Rachel are always pleasant to talk to as well. Highly recommend this company for all your water needs!

Sean O'Toole Via Google Review

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