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  • Free P9+ bottled water for all new residential customers
    2 complimentary bottles
  • No contract required (though discounts are available with a contract)
  • The best value on alkalized water delivery in Orange County!
  • Reliable service from friendly, courteous delivery drivers
  • Environmentally friendly--our bottles are refillable and recyclable
  • FDA and State of California licensed and regulated
  • California Bottled Water Association member
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Paradise P9+: Alkalized Bottled Drinking Water

At Paradise Drinking Water, we are committed to delivering the highest quality bottled water at the lowest prices in Orange County. We are proud to offer the revolutionary and truly transformative alkalized P9+ drinking water. It hydrates the body on a cellular level and transforms free radicals into antioxidants. Drinking P9+ water actually purifies your body, helping you become and feel more healthy. With Paradise Drinking Water's home delivery service, you have convenient access to this incredible water for an affordable price; our alkalized bottled water costs almost 80% less than the alkalized water sold at Whole Foods, delivery included!

We also offer 100% natural bottled spring water, straight from the source, and the best bottled purified water available on the market. The quality of all our drinking waters is widely recognized; in fact, we bottle it for four other companies. For additional information about all our bottled water options, visit the Water Products page.

We offer complimentary bottles of water for new residential customers, so you can try our incredible Paradise P9+ water (or any other water) free of charge. Call today and receive two bottles of alkalized Paradise P9+ water, or three bottles of any of our other waters, delivered to your door for free.

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4 Different Bottle Sizes Available

Our premium drinking water is available in 5-gallon, 3-gallon, 1-liter, and 1/2-liter bottles (options vary depending on which water you choose). Our delivery service is as outstanding as the quality of our bottled water; we provide friendly, convenient, and reliable home delivery at the lowest prices in Orange County. In fact, our P9+ alkalized water is almost 80% less expensive than the alkalized water sold at Whole Foods, including the cost of delivery!

One of our professional, courteous delivery drivers will bring your bottled water right to your door every two weeks. They'll leave the bottles wherever you prefer; they can even bring them inside and place a new one on your dispenser for you when you're at home.

Enjoy Bottled Water Delivery Service That Goes The Extra Mile

Same Low Prices, No Contract Required

At Paradise Drinking Water, we believe our customers deserve service that goes the extra mile without having to pay more. We work with you to make any special arrangements necessary for delivering your water, including loading a new bottle of water onto the dispenser for you. If your water runs out before your next delivery, we'll bring your next order to you as soon as possible. (Special delivery fee may apply.) All of our drivers carry cell phones so that they're reachable while out on delivery, allowing us to contact them immediately with any concerns, questions, changes to your delivery instructions, or anything else. Our drivers also always carry purity testers with them so you can test the quality of your water before you drink it.

There is no contract required for our bottled water delivery service. We do offer discounts to customers who purchase a contract, but we believe you should be able to try our water without being locked into a commitment. We are here to serve our customers, so please let us know if we can improve our service in any other way.

Rent One of Our Quality, Affordable Water Dispensers

Paradise Drinking Water's selection of rentable dispensers gives you a convenient way to access your water. It also allows you to minimize your bottle use. One-liter and 1/2-liter bottles are a great choice for taking your bottled water with you on the go, but using 3- and 5-gallon bottles when you're at home means that you can reuse them rather than throwing them away when you're finished. When we make your next delivery, we'll take the empty bottles back to our facility and refill them so they can be used again.

Our water dispenser selection includes hand-painted porcelain crocks with oak stands, and electric coolers with cold and hot or cold and room temperature taps. All of our coolers feature the Watersafe system, a spill-proof, splash-proof, and totally hygienic valve system that allows for easy, germ-free bottle loading. For more information about the Watersafe system, click here.

Speak to a Person Every Time You Call

As a locally owned company that has frequent, direct contact with our customers, we understand the value of being able to communicate with a live person when you need a question answered or a concern addressed. Customer service is our top priority, and we know automated menus are often frustrating and unhelpful. That's why we make sure that when you call our local office, you will always reach a real person who is ready to serve your individual needs.

Choose the Environmentally Friendly Option

Paradise Drinking Water is an environmentally friendly bottled water company. All of the bottles we use are high quality, recyclable polycarbonate plastic; they are durable enough to be refilled multiple times, and when they can no longer be reused, we recycle them.

Also, as a local company, we transport your water over relatively short distances. This means we use less gas and produce less emissions than other water delivery companies, reducing our (and your) impact on the environment. We even source our spring water locally, from Mount Palomar in northern San Diego County.


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Alkalized Paradise P9+ Water

5 Gallon P9+ Monthly: $14.95
Auto Pay: $14.45
Annual Contract: $13.95

Available in
5 Gallon
3 Gallon
1/2 Liter

Paradise Drinking Water's Spring Water

5 Gallon Spring Monthly: $9.95
Auto Pay: $9.45
Annual Contract: $8.95

Available in
5 Gallon
3 Gallon
1L & 1/2L

Paradise Drinking Water's Purified Water

5 Gallon Purified Monthly: $8.95
Auto Pay: $8.45
Annual Contract:: $7.95


I started my service at the beginning of COVID-19, and I must say I am 100% pleased. I love this water, and their customer service is amazing. I have never had an issue, and plan to continue with them for a very long time!

Bekah W., Santa Ana, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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